Celebrate to support is a group of young professionals whose aspiration is to serve and support our unfortunate people by celebrating performances, arts and socio events. This foundation is focusing on grassroots initiatives on health and education for effecting positive change in underprivileged area people like in Slum.

i) This is about collaborating Celebrities/Performers to the people, spectator connoisseurs to make celebrations, the value generated with the Celebrations is used to our unfortunate People.
ii) Other point is to make our place so much celebrative as possible, fortunately the value of celebrations in terms of money transfigures to our own unfortunate People.

We are the Humans .The Only Thinking species on the Earth. We have made our place very beautiful for us. But it feels that this beauty is not enough when we see the unfortunate people it really hurts like 'When we see our small girl searching plastics from garbage for her food', When we see the family with small clothing tent beside the road struggling or when we see our waif Mother suffering from health issues and begging for food. More...

"Being Humans, We really don’t deserve this.."